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Monsummano Terme

Typical cured meats

Monsummano Terme also offers the possibility of finding an excellent selection of typical Tuscan cured meats (Tuscan salami, spalla (shoulder ham) finocchiona, prosciutto salato, buristo, etc.). Here, as also in the town of Larciano, the business of artisanal meat processing is widespread, particularly of pork, which produces excellent cured meats.

PGI finocchiona is fennel-flavored pork cured meat stuffed in a natural casing. It has been one of the area’s best-known traditional cured meats since the Etruscan era. The exterior is covered by the characteristic mold created during aging, while the interior has a fairly soft, very fragrant texture.

Also typical of Pistoia is the pork-based buristo. This spicy sausage has a characteristic dark-red color because one of the main ingredients is filtered pig’s blood as. It is then kneaded together with pork rinds and other parts of the pig’s head plus fatty parts as well as various aromatic ingredients, to then be stuffed in the stomach and cooked.


Macelleria da Giacomo
Via della Repubblica, 372, 51015
Monsummano Terme

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