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Thermal caves

Monsummano’s Spa – Grotta Giusti

Grotta Giusti is a true natural paradise filled with stalactites and stalagmites, while inside, the therapeutic vapors from these crystal-clear, mirror-like pools of thermal waters envelop the guest in a beneficial and detoxifying “sauna”.

A frequent guest, Giuseppe Verdi called it “the eighth wonder of the world “. It is still today an unforgettable experience.

The ancient cave extends for more than two hundred meters underground, creating subterranean labyrinths, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites and spacious grottos. On the bottom of the cavity is a crystalline, mirror-like pool of hot thermal waters that give off a beneficial and therapeutic vapor.

The large vaults in the rock create ideal rooms for a natural, detoxifying sauna. Proceeding from the entrance towards the deepest part of Grotta Giusti, one passes through three gradually warmer zones, traditionally known as Paradise, Purgatory, and Inferno.

A picturesque lake is found in Limbo, where the water is a constant 36°C year-round. Even the air temperature varies very little seasonally, fluctuating around 31°C in the first cave and progressively increasing to a maximum of 34°C, with the humidity close to 100%.

The atmospheric pressure throughout Grotta Giusti is constant and equal to the outside pressure. This natural mechanism, not yet completely explained, guarantees a constant and effective exchange of air, making it pleasant to stay in the cave, despite the profuse sweating induced by the high humidity, rather than the temperature.

The vapors of the rich thermal waters generate a healthy, natural bath that detoxifies the body and produces a general sense of well-being throughout the body.

Continuous innovations have led the spa to its current growth through fads and fashions, wars and armistices, tears and smiles, keeping unchanged only what started it all.

Municipality: Monsummano Terme
Address: Via Grotta Giusti, 171
Telephone: 0572 90771

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