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Golf in Tuscany is truly a promised land. The temperate climate, naturally rolling terrain, and ample grasslands surrounded by rows of trees create a landscape in which the fairways are always positioned with a sense of continuity.

As the Tuscan clubs are usually active year-round, golf can be played comfortably all year round.

Many clubs in Tuscany are located in places at the seaside and in the hills or even the mountains that have a vigorous tourism. Some are in the area around Monsummano Terme where you can play all day or as a recreational break after visiting museums or after the spa or a swim in the sea.

Tuscany has 16 certified courses – nine with 18 holes and seven with 9 holes, numerous promotional courses featuring between three and nine holes, as well as driving ranges. Thus, it is the ideal place to start playing or competing, encircled by landscapes that offer a wide range of sensations.

Montecatini Terme Golf Club

Near Monsummano Terme, there is also another point of interest that combines nature with relaxation and sport: the Montecatini Golf Club. Located in the Crociali area, it is set in a unique and spectacular location. Nestled between the villages of Cecina and Montevettolini on the slopes of Montalbano, it offers unique views of the landscape. Moreover, you can play this fast-spreading sport that is no longer directed exclusively at an elite target, but is open to anyone who wants to try their hand at this very special experience. This ultramodern structure offers an 18-hole course, restaurant, bar, and guesthouse to satisfy every need for an enjoyable and completely relaxing day in the middle of the typical Tuscan countryside.


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