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Monsummano Terme and its environs

From Leonardo…
to Pinocchio

From Leonardo… to Pinocchio

Fraught with authentic beauty, the Valdinievole wants to team up and become known unitarily in Italy and worldwide with respect to tourism promotion. For this reason, “Montecatini Terme and the Valdinievole – From Leonardo to Pinocchio” is an ambitious project. Launched in 2015, the eleven municipalities in the Valdinievole, together with some local associations and companies, have embarked on a plan to increase awareness and popularize its touristic and cultural heritage.

“From Leonardo to Pinocchio” showcases eleven Tuscan municipalities, splendid “jewels” that are presented in all their glory to tourists and visitors. Furthermore, this part of the authentic Tuscany, with Monsummano Terme as its center, is part of a much broader panorama that links Collodi, and Pinocchio, an international emblem of Italy, with Vinci and the genius of Leonardo.

Starting from Collodi with Pinocchio and its villa, we pass through Pescia and the ten castella (castles) that Jean-Charles-Léonard Simonde de Sismondi christened the “Pesciatine Switzerland”. In fact, Sismondi wrote, “How wonderful! Then again, this is the Pesciatine Switzerland!” as the landscapes reminded him of the luxuriant, multi-faceted Swiss landscape. We continue to Uzzano with its castle, and then on to Buggiano, whose Villa Bellavista was, in its heyday, second only to the Reggia di Caserta in the national landscape.

With its own castle, Massa is also seen from on high. On the other hand, Ponte Buggianese looks after the important artistic legacy of Annigoni’s frescoes. Chiesina Uzzanese’s important square was once a refuge for pilgrims. Montecatini Terme boasts the splendid spa structures. Pieve a Nievole is recognized because of the Medici family’s hunting lodge, whilst Larciano’s castle is definitely special. Lastly, Lamporecchio stretches across the western slopes of Montalbano and borders the Fucecchio Marsh area at the Valdinievole’s eastern limits, serving as the link to the village of Vinci and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum.

The area, therefore, offers a very rich variety for those who decide to discover all its facets.

Another fundamental characteristic of this area is that the Tuscany of “From Leonardo to Pinocchio” enjoys an unrivaled location, being centrally located to all of Tuscany’s most famous cities of art and just a short distance from Florence, Pisa, and Lucca.

The landscape’s morphology and characteristics are varied. This land of history, art, and nature has numerous villages and medieval castles that rise like antique jewels on the lush, green hills, with fruits and flowers all year round. It is an unspoilt, authentic landscape that has not changed in a thousand years, marked and measured by hills, positioned in different orders, the first greener, the others shaded in lilac and blue, and by chains of hills, covered by the same olive groves, the same vibrations. Even this offer is varied and diverse, the area can be seen on foot or by bicycle, enjoying the beautiful views, breathing in the scents of nature and enjoying the flavors of tradition.

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